Lisette Valera

April 03, 2017

Lisette Valera

Guest Blogger: Lisette Valera

Hello Changemakers! 

I am so thrilled to be a part of working with the Love Tea Company to help create a mission for mental wellness in America. Mental illness affects people of any age or race, it can easily disrupt a person’s thought process, mood, and daily functions. People that surround us - loved ones and strangers alike - can be fighting for their mental wellness and we don't even know it.  One in five Americans will face a mental illness in their lifetime and mental illness is known as the silent killer.

This past summer I was so honored to intern with the Love Tea Company for three months.  I absolutely fell in love with every little detail of this company's mission; to create a movement for mental wellness in America, through the simple act of sharing a single cup of tea.  The concept of this purposeful purchase with such a powerful message made my work easy.  Their manifesto was inspiring; to cultivate a movement of people living courageous lives.  Their message is simple and practical;  #becourageous #daregreatly #encouragegenerosity #lovewithyourwholeheart #havecompassion #choosetoconnect and #sharethelove.  The hashtag messaging made my work clear, easy, and fun but more than that the message provides a guidepost for life. Everyday I look to this manifesto and know that I can fight on. I was able to put my whole heart into this work because of the amount of love and light The Love Tea Company was bringing me. 

With that being said, the Love Tea Company has affected me in more ways than one.

Most importantly, in 2015 I experienced depression first hand and I continue to battle severe anxiety. As a person with a mental illness, I am just one of the 43.8 million people that are affected by mental illnesses in America. My involvement with The Love Tea Company has inspired me to take action.  

Also, after working for The Love Tea Company I realized how much work it takes to start a business.  The Love Tea team gave freely of their time and effort to teach me important business lessons that I will have with me for the rest of my life. Their passion and dedication to not just building a company but rather a movement is proven in their promise to donate 25% of their net profit to The Flagg Foundation for Mental Wellness, a private foundation that will serve as the vehicle for bold change in our country's approach to mental healthcare. 

My favorite project when working with The Love Tea Company was "Tea It Forward". For the cost of a greeting card you can actually share a cup of tea with someone, anywhere in the country.  The simple yet meaningful gift comes with the message "you are loved".  That says it all right there.  You can easily tell the Love Tea Company cares about their customers and mental wellness.  

I have tried a bunch of the yummy loose leaf tea from The Love Tea Company and I have experienced the love that they choose to share in every order.  I am so proud to be able to #sharethelove and am happy to volunteer my time toward this worthy cause.  

May I suggest; make a difference for mental health in America with this purposeful purchase (, Tea It Forward to share the love ( and/or join us in our movement for mental wellness in America ( 

xoxo - Lisette 

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