Flagg Foundation


After forming the idea behind The Love Tea Company our founders asked themselves "how can we do the most good?"  The Love Tea Company was incoporated in 2016 as A Washington State Social Purpose Organization with the intent to endow 25% of net profit (that's actual cash) toward advancing education, advocacy and outreach around mental healthcare.     After extensive research it soon became clear that the best opportunity for addressing the complex issues surrounding mental health would be through a private foundation.   

For years humans from every corner of the world have relied heavily on governments to address and solve large social problems.   However, time and again, we have seen that governments fail at making any real progress, certainly not for a lack of trying, but rather, as we well know today politics always get in the way.   The truth is that some of our worlds largest problems are addressed today in a much more focused effort through well endowed private foundations.  

As a small business (not well endowed, but) with a bold idea; that "a single cup of tea could change a life", we believe that consumer purchasing power can change the world.   Today, more than ever, consumers believe that companies owe it to the world to use some of their success toward doing something good and in turn they are voting for change with and through their "purposeful" purchase choices.    

We know a pledge to donate 25% of our net profit comes with a great responsibility.  The fine craft tea industry is a $125B global category.  That means that a purchase of Love Tea is equal to significant dollars, toward our mission for mental wellness, and potentially a huge responsiblity in terms of endowment.  The formation of the Flagg Foundation for Mental Wellness is our promise to you that we will use your choice of a purposeful purchase for as much good as possible.  

With a bold vision for significant soical impact around human health and happiness, The Love Tea Company, through the Flagg Foundation for Mental Wellness, will endeavor to become a high impact philanthropic organziation focused on improving mental healthcare in America.   The Flagg Foundation will focus on delivering strategic, tactical and bold plans to address a myriad of issues surrounding mental healthcare in the United States.  We will create a focused alingment of leadership, willingness, readiness and culture through long-term strategic partnerships that can ensure the thrive ability of outcomes long past the initial gift or donation.  

The Flagg Foundation will be modeled after the most successful private foundations the exist today.  

The Funding Model

Through a three pronged approach, The Flagg Foundation will be structured to exist by and for:

1. The endowment of purchase driven donations recieved from The Love Tea Company.

2. Through the generosity of direct donors. 

3. As well as independent fundraising opportunities that will provide a sustainable future for the foundation as a stand alone entity. 

The Mission

To be a fully self sustaining, perpetual organization that will act as a catalyst for social change.   Our goal is to adopt a model of partnering with existing networks that will allow our foundation to do the most good.   

To have a passionate collaboration with organizations and groups that can inform our unique approach.   Rather than maintain grant cycles or accept unsolicited proposals, we wish to accelerate change through partnerships with organizations that are already developing bold plans and can act as a catalyst for dramatic social change.   We will leverage these relationships with subject matter experts and provide direct support, strategic insight and valuable resources that it will take to create new realities.

Purposeful Partnerships

Purposeful Partnership is about extending change beyond a single program or community and connecting ideas, talent, and solutions with resources that can deepen the overall  impact and accelerate change.  Ideal partnerships will deliver on common characteristics; 

  • Leadership — Partners who have a passion for driving positive change and who understand the value of collaboration.
  • Willingness — Partners who are enthusiastic about engaging dynamically to transcend the social problems and collaborate for greater impact.
  • Readiness — Partners who are fully engaged and excited about working together to embrace new ideas and new solutions.
  • Capacity — Partners who are committed to soloving mental health care in America and are willing to work with The Flagg Foundation to accelerate change. 
  • Culture — Partners that are future-focused with a desire to drive positive cultural change and hold a shared belief that the most effective partnerships create significant impact. 

Due to the legal complexities of creating such a charter The Flagg Foundation for Mental Wellness will be legally formed in early 2017.  The Foundation is initially funded by a $10,000 gift from the Margaret B. Flagg and initial donations made direct from The Love Tea Company.   

If you are interested in making a private donation or becoming involved in our movement please email us at mentalwellnessmatters@theflaggfoundation.org

For updates on our foundation progress please sign up for our mailing list at www.theflaggfoundation.org