Bracelet Collection

What does it take to start a movement?  

Movements are about mobilizing people with a shared pasion for change.    Movements move people at their heart, inspire them to action, and compel them to talk, share, and spread a mission. 

We know that mental health is a big challenge and one in need of radical change.   So we asked, what do we need to find within ourselves to lead such a change?   Our commitment to tackling this challenge with bold and innovative ideas resulted in our mission;  To cultivate a movement of empowered people focused on creating courageous lives. As such our courageous life mantra was born.   It is not groundbreaking, at least in in their individual ideas, but the combination of them used as our manifesto for a courageous life was born.  Simple reminders for almost any situation or feeling we might face in our every day life.   

Be Courageous
Dare Greatly
Have Compassion
Encourage Generosity
Choose to Connect
Love With Your Whole Heart


We wear them as individual reminders (or a colorful set) to find the strength and courage to build this mission.  We hope you will join us on this journey to make mental welness a mission.  

Every set includes a $3.00 donation to The Flagg Foundation for Mental Wellness. 

Join us.   #sharethelove