Have Compassion Collection

Our cause collections remind us that we are not alone.  The "Have Compassion" collection includes four fine loose leaf teas that remind us that compassion comes from love.  

This set includes these fine tea blends; 

Sleepy Mint, Honey GingerHerbal Winter Elixir, Green Lemonade.

Please see the individual pages for each product if you have concerns about allergies.  

All of our collections include a stainless steel "perfect" teaspoon, a stainless steel infuser with our signature heart, a courage bracelet, and an collectible card, this one reminds us that "Love changes everything. #havecompassion".   There is no better gift than one that inspires and gives back at the same time. Every purchase of a collection includes a donation toward improving mental healthcare in America.  Learn more at here.

Collect them all!  Give them all!  

#havecompassion #sharethelove