Holiday Collection: Tea It forward

For the cost of a greeting card... send Love Tea! 

This simple, random act of kindness, is our way of reminding our friends and family that they are loved and never alone. The Love Tea Company was founded on the idea that a single cup of tea could change a life but we know, we are not always near those we want to share tea with.  So we found a way!   

Tea it Forward is a super simple way to change someone's day or outlook.  We send these special boxes of love all year long but during the holiday we add just the perfect bit of sparkle. 

Why not send a cup of tea to everyone you know?  Each box includes three flavors of tea (6 cups in all), tea bags, the perfect teaspoon and our customized card "You are loved."   

It is super easy! Just select the number to send and tell us;
1) Who is it from, we will customize each card with your name and 2) simply give us the physical mailing address for each person. You can type as many names and addresses as you want in the box on the order or, if it's easier, just send us an email to and we'll match it up to your order for you.  


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