Be Courageous Collection

Our cause collections remind us that we are not alone.  The "Be Courageous" collection includes four of our finest, and most courageous, loose leaf tea blends; 

Cafe Mate, Ilam, Green Gunpowder, Uji Genmaicha.

Please see the individual pages for each product if you have concerns about allergies.  

All of our collections include a stainless steel "perfect" teaspoon, a stainless steel infuser with our signature heart, a courage bracelet, and an collectible card, this one reminds us to "Be Bold. Be Brave. Be You. #becourageous".   There is no better gift than one that inspires and gives back at the same time.  Every purchase of a collection includes a donation toward improving mental healthcare in America.  Learn more at here.

Collect them all!  Give them all!  

#becourageous #sharethelove