Flagg Foundation Direct Donation

**Any direct donation to the Flagg Foundation will be not be tax deductible until 2017**  

Thank you for considering a donation to The Flagg Foundation for Mental Wellness.   Right now, like any kick-starter or go-fund me campaign, we are calling on our movement to help us in any way you can, out of the kindness of your heart. Even a small amount will help us to get this movement, well, moving.   While we are not yet formally incorporated as a non-profit (we soon will be!) we will pass through every direct donation to The Flagg Foundation at the full donation amount (less payment processing fees).  

The Flagg Foundation for Mental Wellness is our promise to you that we will remain true to our mission, to donate 25% of the net profit from Love Tea toward improving mental wellness and to create a movement making mentall wellness a mission in America.  Every directly donated dollar that we recieve will be held in trust, seperate from Love Tea operations, until we are able to finalize the legal structure of The Flagg Foundation.    

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