Green Gunpowder

This is a classic, top quality, Gunpowder tea with good "green" taste properties.  It's slightly vegetative in taste, but refreshing and clean in the aftertaste.  It's also certified Organic, with high antioxidants and low caffeine.  So you know, the best quality Gunpowder tea comes from the Zhejiang province in China and from Taiwan. The Chinese name for Gunpowder Tea is Siaou Chu, which literally means large leaf. Rolling the leaf has two effects on quality of the tea. First, it forces the flavorful juices to the surface that otherwise would remain in the leaf. Second, it forces out water, helping to reduce the tea’s final moisture content. The pellet retains its shape during firing and keeps its freshness longer than tea not manufactured in pellet form.  

Caffeine:  Low 

Steep 2 teaspoons @ 195° for 3 - 7 minutes

Ingredients: Organic Green Gunpowder

Allergens: None