Lapsang Souchong

You'll either love this one, or ....  It's a true Organic butterfly lapsang souchong that will require that you "be courageous."  It has been compared to a burning campfire or the aftertaste of a fine cigar.  The uninitiated will be offended at first but, to those that know, this smoky cup is second to none, mysteriously miraculous, a feast for the taste buds.  It's truly one of the most unique items on our menu and there will be no middle ground in appreciation.   We warn you; #DareGreatly. 

Souchong leaves, noted for their thick, rough appearance are withered over burning pine bows, placed in barrels covered with cloth and allowed to ferment. A process which has gone virtually unchanged for hundreds of years.  With a rich smoky aroma, take a sip and note how the smoky sensation fills your mouth in a way no other tea possibly could.  Can you tell which side of the love/hate relationship we fall on? It is important to steep Lapsang for slightly less time than you would other teas. The flavor may also be enhanced with a touch of milk and sugar.  This is a superb tea, especially considering it's organic status. 

Caffeine Level: Medium

Steep 1 to 2 teaspoons @ 195° for 3 - 7 minutes 

Ingredients: Organic Butterfly Lapsang Souchong