Tea It Forward

Did you receive a gift of tea?  Ah!  You are loved!  

This simple, random act of kindness, is our way of reminding our friends and family that they are loved and never alone. The Love Tea Company was founded on the idea that a single cup of tea could change a life but we know, we are not always near those we want to share tea with.  So we found a way!   

Tea it Forward is a super simple way to change someone's day or even someone's outlook. The best part about it is that it actually pays it forward three times! 

Once to your special someone - it is bound to bring a smile to their heart and lighten their day! Near or far you can always share a cup of tea with someone you love!

Second, for every box sent we will donate $1 to The Flagg Foundation for Mental Wellness. Imagine how many dollars we can donate if we each just tea it forward! 

Third, every single time someone receives this tea they will learn about our mission for mental wellness.  Together, we are more than me.   Please help us spread the word about our mission for mental wellness through this fun and important act. 

      Now it's your turn, why not Tea it Forward?!  

      This is super easy, and fun!  We will do all the work.  Send as many as you want, to everyone you know!   Just select the number to send and tell us; 1) who it is from - you, the family, child, etc. and 2) simply give us the physical mailing address for each person. (the text box is unlimited so type as many recipient address as you like.   

      If it seems confusing at all, just email us at connect@theloveteacompany with the same information and we will put it in for you, then send you the invoice.

      #lovetea #teaitforward 

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